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Free eDevotional Resources

Would you like to teach your son the Biblical character qualities that define a man of God? 

We have the resources for you!

To ‘teach a child in the way he should go’ in today’s world is no easy task. While the Bible is clearly the right tool for the job, a parent’s challenge is how to apply it.

3 FREE tools from Journey into Faith! The only devotional study written specifically for fathers and sons to study the Bible together:

  • A thought provoking review of  “8 Reasons to have a Bible Study with your son”

  • One of our 52 weekly devotionals discussing: “An Attitude of Gratitude”

  • Our five part series: “Father and Son Devotionals: Strategies that Work”

Fill out the form for your 3 FREE Devotional Tools to map your course toward a Biblically inspired version of what it means for both you and your son to become a ‘man after God’s own heart’.

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