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How to get started

     There are three ways to start with Journey into Faith.  Our site's home page has links to the softcover and Kindle versions of all fifty-two chapters.  You can also purchase this study for online delivery.  If you choose this format,  you will be sent the complete outline of lessons, an introduction, and a special letter for both the father and the son(s) involved in the study, and the first lesson.  Thereafter, every week for a year, you will recieve an e-mailed copy of the next week's lesson.  One major advantage of this version is that one subscription can be printed off for you and one or more sons, for the same price.  You also have a new lesson land in your inbox each week, and you are regularly reminded to stay in the process, versus seeing the print version sitting on your shelf two months later, and then thinking..."oh yeah, we were going to work on that, weren't we?"   With the emailed version, you print out two (or more) copies of each week's lesson, and then have each of the participants review the content individually. 


     For any one of these formats, each participant reads the weekly study ahead of time, and writes out responses to the Questions for Discussion at the end of each chapter.  You then get back together to discuss the lessons and the response to the Questions for Discussion you've each already answered..  During the next week, each of you reviews the Thoughts for the Week Ahead on the previous lesson, and also goes through the new lesson for that next week.


     After the first lesson, you start your weekly time together with a brief look back, and a discussion of last week's Thoughts for the Week Ahead, from the prior chapter.  The goal here is to cement the take home points of the last lesson and hopefully find personal life applications through the events of the prior week.  While we can trust that the lesson content instructs and educates, and we do know that God has told us that "my word will not return void" (Isaiah 55:11), you may find that it is the time you spend together that bears the most fruit.  While you can't schedule 'quality time', you will find that your time together allows the conversation to include the week to week events in your lives that need to be discussed.  And what better time to do that then when you are in the process of applying Biblical principles to personal character development?  You then go on to review the lesson of the week and its Questions for Discussion.  You are encouraged to close your session with a prayer by one or both of you, and then plan a time to meet up the following week.

Our desire is that this process will be a growth experience for your own faith, and for your father and son relationship.


           Click through here to start the adventure with a one time fee of $24.95 for the Journey into Faith study program, delivering a fresh and challenging lesson for you and your son each week for a year. 


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