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     Paul Brillhart and Jeff Baker have been fast friends since meeting for the first time the Spring before they started medical school together at Oral Roberts University School of Medicine.  They both competed Family Practice residency training in the Orange County/Southern California area, ran road races together and later practiced together in the 1980's and 90's.  Through the years they each had a son of his own, and they began to ask themselves the questions of "what key character qualities should I be teaching my son?", "how can I make sure that he's adequately trained for his journey ahead?", "have I covered all the main spiritual topics with him?", "is he fully grounded and growing in his relationship with the Lord?", and "who can help me do this?"  While having a good pastor and a local congregation of believers is a very good place to start, both were looking for a published father and son devotional to use at home.  Despite extensive searching, they couldn't find a single one!  Lots out there for men, or teens, but none designed for a father and son to do together.  So they set out to write a devotional series dedicated to this concept.  Using a wide range of resources, including the Bill Gothard series on developing character qualities, they spent over three years of researching, writing, praying, emailing, and Skype calling to put together this 52 week course of weekly devotionals.  


     While developed for a father and son to use together, these 1:1 studies are useful for any young man and a mentor, be it a grandfather, uncle, 'big brother' or any other man who wants to invest himself and God's Word into a young man's life.  As their sons head toward lives of their own, they want to make this study available to fathers and other men who share the goals of the Journey into Faith weekly study.



Paul Brillhart (shown with his son Christian) lives with his wife Kristy and Christian in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. He loves to explore the world “Down Under”, surfing, running, hunting and fishing. His passion is to write and educate. He also works as a Family Physician in Napier, New Zealand.

Jeff Baker (shown with his son Joshua) lives with his wife Penne and their five children in Northwest Arkansas.   In his spare time he is a Family Medicine and E.R. physician, part time writer and semi-retired triathlete.

About the Authors

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