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About the Study

Let's talk about this series of 52 weekly studies by beginning, as we do each of our lessons, with an applicable verse and quote.


"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your Word."   -Psalm 119:9  ESV


"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."  -Ronald Reagan


Biblical wisdom, like freedom, isn't intuitive to mankind.  Each of as Adam's descendants are born with a wayward nature that rejects authority, especially God's authority over us.  Each generation has to learn, and assert for itself the collected spiritual and secular wisdom that allows free peoples to govern themselves, ideally as 'one Nation under God'.  And each of us who profess God as our Creator and Lord needs to learn the Biblical truths that guide character development as we grow into the man or woman God intends for us to become. 


This series is intended to bond two men through their personal growth as they study God's truth in His Word.  Fathers and sons are a natural pairing for this process.  However, age is not the issue, and any man who wants to mentor another may find it of use. The character qualities studied are timeless, and are usually issues that we wrestle with throughout our lives.  While it's never too early to train children in Biblical wisdom, the content of this study is best suited to young men with the educational age of an exceptional 7-8th grader or more likely, of high school or early college age. This is an age when children begin to re-examine all their personal beliefs and need more of an adult type understanding on all these topics, even though they may have been taught these from a young age. Each lesson includes a combination of character quality insights, multiple scripture references, quotes, 'men of God' examples and questions for reflection and discussion together. The goal of the study is to focus on the Biblical truths that transcend denominational barriers and are essential to every believer's walk.  It emphasizes the topics that are common to the body of Christ, minimizing those that are can be divisive among sincere believers.  It is not intended to be a deep theological treatise that is comprehensive on each topic.  That is not possible in a study of this type. There are volumes of books written on any of the study's chapter headings. The material presented will contain enough Biblical references to challenge your thoughts and stimulate you both to a meaningful discussion. The goal is to prepare your son, and revitalize yourself for adulthood as a man of God.



The current fifty-two weekly topics covered include:


1.   The Ultimate Relationship:  You and Your Creator

 Before venturing out into this journey, it is essential we have an understanding that Christianity is       about a relationship with your Creator, and this is the basis for everything in your life and our discussion about it.


2.   Developing a Biblical Worldview

 A concept not commonly thought about, but being very important for Believers to know as they interact with their nonbelieving world. Everything we encounter on the road of life should be viewed through a Biblical worldview, which is through God's eyes and based on Scripture.


3.   Purpose and Life Mission

 The number one question that most people list in wanting to ask God is "What is my purpose in life?". As Christians we can take comfort that indeed God has a purpose and life mission for each of us, but it is our need to pursue Him for that answer.


4.   Attitude of Gratitude

 When we grasp the concept that we've been given much more than we could ever come close to paying back, we develop an attitude that can change and transform our lives. It's something lacking in the world today.


5.   Seeking Wise Counsel

 Wisdom is something everyone desires and yet it seems they go looking for it in all the wrong places. The Word of God and the guidance from the Holy Spirit are the key sources of our wisdom which definitely appear different from the world's.


6.   Growing in Integrity

 A character quality that is sorely missing in our world, but it is a quality that truly reflects a man of God. We need a full understanding of integrity, as it is something that defines us in representing Him.


7.   Stewardship: A New Concept

 Some Believers may not want to know about this, but we are stewards over what God has entrusted to us in this life. It is a subject that came up frequently in the teachings of Jesus. 


8.   Being Bold in a Just Cause

 Will we choose to be 'bold in His just cause' in fulfilling God's will in our life? He has not called us to a bland and uninspiring life, but to one where we will encounter numerous opportunities to be His bold ambassadors.  


9.   Having a Teachable Heart

 If you want to be a disciple of Jesus you must have a heart with a teachable attitude. Without this attitude we limit our ability to grow, and it will be needed for the duration of our life.


10. Pride vs. Humility

 Learning what humility is, is truly an essential requisite to grow with the Savior, who was the epitome of this character quality.


11. Understanding and Handling Adversity

 One thing we can be guaranteed in this life is that sooner or later we all encounter adversity. How will we deal with it? Will we recognize how the Lord can use it in our lives for growth and His purposes?


12. Respecting Others

 This will come naturally when we finally begin to see the others around us exactly as the Lord sees them through His eyes. It has everything to do with His love permeating our hearts.


13. Finding Contentment in All Things

 It was the Apostle Paul who found the secret of learning to be content in all circumstances. Learning this will lead to real joy and is a reflection of a true disciple.


14. Having A Servant’s Heart

 It was Jesus who modeled this for us, and expected this to be our hallmark in loving and serving others. We don't see this emphasized by the church today, as much as Jesus did while He was with His disciples.


15. Being Slow To Anger

 Anger is one of the most powerful emotions we have. It can motivate some of our best and worst decisions in life, so it is imperative that we understand its roots and how to have spiritual mastery over it.


16. Stewardship: The Body

 We learn in the scriptures that our body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit, but we see many around us disrespecting this vessel that God has deemed holy. 


17. Setting Goals

 It may not sound spiritual at first, but setting goals is essential in fulfilling God's tasks. From the rebuilding of the walls with Nehemiah to Paul's mission to take the Gospel to the Gentiles it was necessary to set goals, goals that the Spirit of God inspired. 


18. How Should I Look At A Woman?

 God's Word says a lot about this topic yet the lust of the flesh has taken down many men, from King David up until the present day. It's essential we have God's perspective on how He would have us view woman and learn it early.


19. Looking For A Life Partner: Being The Right Man

 Just as we have heard of a "a man after God's own heart", there is a woman after God's own heart too. So what type of qualities would this woman be looking for in a man of God. It's time to start working on developing those.  


20. Seeking God’s Guidance

 Who do we run to for guidance when the time comes? The best source is sometimes the least used, because we haven't learned to access Him yet.


21. God’s Warrior: Our battle is not with flesh and blood. 

The real battle that is going on for the hearts of men is in the spiritual realm, a world we cannot see. If we're unaware of this and aren't properly equipped for spiritual warfare, we are very limited in our effectiveness for the Kingdom and may be a liability.    


22. Defending The Oppressed

 One of the character qualities  of a man of God is having God's heart of compassion, that drives him to take action in defending those taken advantage of.


23. Role of Ambition

 Ambition is more often associated with negative examples of selfishness and ruthless actions, but there is such a thing as Godly ambition and Paul was a good example of this.


24. Accountability: To God And Man

 One thing that man has tried to avoid since he has come on to the scene is his accountability to his Maker. As Christians we are also reminded of our accountability to other Believers.


25. Fatherhood: A Biblical Understanding

 Our role as fathers here on Earth came from the scriptures with God the Father being the prototype.


26. Finishing Strong

It's not how we start, but how we finish. We need to learn how the follow through is the key to power and the results, which applies to all areas of our life and spiritual walk.


27. Choosing Friends Wisely

 Your friends unlike your family are chosen, and they can be some of the strongest influences on who we become. How would God have you choose your friends? It is through some of them that He may shape and develop you.


28. Obedience

 What is it that God desires of us? That we be obedient to Him and His Word. This reflects a relationship of honor and love. When we fully believe, trust, and rely on Him obedience will be evident.


29. Facing The Competition

God will be sending forth challenges your way throughout your life. What do you need to know to prepare?


30. Faithfulness

Jesus had some very clear words on being faithful. This is a characteristic we rarely see in the world, but it is a quality that we all want to be defined by as Believers.  


31. Stewardship: Your Time

This is a commodity that God gives each of us a certain amount, and how we use that time will determine how effective we will be for His Kingdom.


32. Prayer: Talking with God

It is the focal point of the Christian life and walk. So, why is it so many of us fall short in this area?


33. Developing Discretion

Defining discretion is similar to defining great art, it's hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.

This will serve us well to learn what it is and how to use it for God's purposes.     


34. Attitude Of Praise

 Unfortunately we don't see this as the pervasive attitude in the church today, but is is truly liberating to the Christian that finds it.


35. God’s Church: Being A Member of His Body

 We are all part of the Body of Christ and each has his unique place in it. As we grow and mature in Christ we need to play an active part in this Body as He has gifted each of us.


36. Choosing To Be A Peacemaker

 Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers". So who are they? How do we become one?


37. Consistency: An Underrated Quality

It is one of the most important qualities we can have, and although it should be one of the earliest we  learn, it is one of the most difficult to master.


38. Believing God: He’s Your Provider

It should come natural to us to believe God, but it is a constant lifelong struggle for many a Believer.


39. Personal Authenticity

What each of us needs to know is that we are uniquely made by Him, with a destiny we are entrusted to fulfill. The ideal of personal autheticity speaks to the process of becoming, despite the confusion life offers, your genuine true self.


40. A Compassionate Heart

 When the world describes Jesus, they usually come up with him being a "man of compassion". Does that define us today as we are supposing to be a reflection of Him?


41. Choose To Be Optimistic

 This is a "choice"! Do we choose to see things as God sees them? Remember, with Him all things are possible. 


42. Personal Purity

In a world where we are told that there are no moral absolutes, how do we interpret God’s call for us to live a pure life?  While cultural definitions of what is acceptable shift frequently, we can look to God’s Word for the original design intended for mankind.  In this lesson we look at some practical direction from our Creator on seeking purity in everyday life.


43. Growing In Biblical Knowledge: Knowing What You Know

 From the moment we come to the Lord, we are encouraged to study and to know His Word, and to have an answer ready regarding our Hope. From that first moment we are becoming mini-apologists. 


44. Becoming A Leader

Do you know what it takes to become a leader? Are you aware of Jesus' model of leadership? Do you have those qualities in you now? Throughout our life we may be put in that position to lead,and the time to prepare is now.


45. A Matter of Faith and Trust

Faith and trust are two closely related terms and they are both at the crux of what Christianity is about.


46. Worship with Your Life

Everything in our lives is to be for Him, His purposes, and to bring Him glory. This is the proper way to worship the Lord, the giving of yourself as a sacrifice to Him.


47. Making a difference in your world: Becoming Salt And Light

Most of us believe that being in heaven someday will be better than the world we live in right now.  If this is true, why aren’t we taken directly there when we become a Christian?  The Bible is clear that we continue on here for a purpose.  In this lesson we discuss what Jesus’ analogy of our role as ‘salt and light’ means, and consider how we can fulfill that role in our own world.


48. Becoming a Man of Courage

We are all called at times to take steps of courage. Do we understand what is behind this and how we grow to become this man of courage?


49. The True Meaning of Discipleship: Believer, Fan or Disciple

The question is not how much you know about Him, but how much you know Him? If someone were to ask Him, would He know YOU?


50. Longsuffering

It is part of every worthwhile achievement in life, and it is a requisite for a man of God as it is one of the fruits of His Spirit.


51. Found the Perfect Church?

The question of "Is there such a thing as a perfect church?" begs to be answered. Knowing our role in attitude and perspective is key in this discussion, and it requires all the character qualities discussed up to this point. 


52. Leaving A Legacy

Everyone of us will leave a legacy, but will it be one to pass on as the path to follow or to avoid. Our legacy starts in our youth through the decisions we choose to make along the way.


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