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                    Preview offer for Ministry Leaders




Thanks for visiting our site for a preview of Journey into Faith:  A Devotional Series for Fathers and Sons We would like to send you a free copy of the first 13 week's lessons for your review.  Our hope is that you will enjoy reading the devotionals, and as time permits, that you would offer us any insights or feedback on the content or its presentation which would make it a more effective ministry tool for anyone wishing to mentor a young man.


The pdf we are sending will list the chapters for all 52 weeks of the full study.   These chapter titles are also listed, with a short description,  on the About the Study page on this site.  As the page you are on currently is not on the site's navigation panel, if you go off this page, just click the return button on your browser, or click through the link in the email that invited you to this page to return here.

When you click through on the link below and enter your email, you will have both the Adobe pdf and a Word copy sent directly to you.


We value your participation and will protect your email privacy.  We promise that your name or email will not be sold, distributed or used for any purpose unrelated to your subscription.


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