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Journey into Faith


A Devotional Series for Fathers and Sons

The thirty most important minutes you might spend with

your son all week long.

     Do you desire to grow in your own faith?  Do you want your son to learn the Biblical character qualities that define a man of God?  This is the only weekly Christian devotional we know of specifically written for fathers and sons to study together.  Within each weekly session you will spend some time on your own, and also time together as father and son.  In the process each of you will follow your own path toward a Biblically inspired definition of what it means to be 'a man after God's own heart.' 


     When it comes to building core character qualities into your life, its never too late for a father to start, nor too early for a son to begin; so why not do both...together?  Join us for a combination of character quality insights, quotes, scripture, 'men of God' examples and questions for reflection and discussion together.  Prepare for a time of bonding which can last a lifetime, and count for eternity.



Get our free eDevotionals resource collection, including:

   -a thought provoking review of  "8 Reasons to have a Bible Study with your Son"

     -one of our 52 weekly devotionals discussing how to cultivate 'An Attitude of Gratitude'

     -our five part series  'Father and Son Devotionals: Strategies that Work'

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